Use Git pre-push hooks to stop test suite skips

When working on larger refactors, I occasionally find it useful to use the test framework's skipping methods; either to only run a single test or to skip a few failing tests you'll get to later. This reduces your build-to-test time, sometimes drastically, and also reduces the noise of the build... Read More

Today I Learnt (JS)

In 2016 I want to get a hell of a lot better at JavaScript. Part of that involves getting a deeper understanding of what I'm actually writing instead of blindly googling my way around problems. Writing typically helps my learning process, so I've started a little blog to accompany my... Read More

Integrating prompts into your Shipit deployments

The best deployment tool I've used for Node.js applications has been shipit combined with shipit-deploy. When I dabbled in Ruby, Capistrano was a very slick tool to manage deployments, and Shipit is very Capistrano-like, which is nice. I know you can use Capistrano to deploy any language/framework, but... Read More

Hardware Hacking Diaries 1: Arcane Thermometer

A little while ago, I had an idea for an exciting side-project that would actually be useful in everyday life. The only problem was: There's no way of actually doing what I wanted to do without building a thing. With actual, physical hardware. Realising that the thing I wanted to... Read More